Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome to the Reach EHSAS cluster.

Welcome to the EHSAS Reach Cluster blog.

We are:

Marina View Primary School
Henderson Valley Primary School
Summerland Primary School
Pomaria Primary School
West Harbour Primary School

This is a space where members of the reach cluster can discuss, share and celebrate effective practice within and beyond our schools.
What are you doing that works?
What are you proud of?
What ideas are you considering and would like to open up to discussion?
Put them all here.

If you are part of the cluster and would like to author an post, then let your school cluster leader know and they can set that up for you, or if you're just starting out then email me and I can post it for you.

How can you keep updated as new posts are made?

The best way is using RSS.
If you're not sure what that means, click here: What is RSS?
You can use a web RSS like NewsGator
or download one that works from your computer like these.

Peter Hall